Lisa Samlal, the name of the Graphic Designer
Lisa Samlal, the name of the Graphic Designer

After religiously adhering to the tenents of "good" Graphic Design, instinct is now my best judge. I feel design and therefore am able to decipher what works from what doesn't. This is a skill that is often overlooked but one that is crucial to being a sound Graphic Designer. In all of my work, I aim to achieve balance, contrast, rhythm and unity. I am also a proponent of clean typography and believe this is what distinguishes the professionals from the rest.

Furthermore, I pride myself on being a thorough designer. I design with the intended target audience and the client's specifications in mind. Before I undertake any project, I take the time to do research, brainstorm and sketch out thumbnails which spark new ideas and ultimately, sets me on the path to good design.

A Creative Director and founder of Elle Esse Design Firm, this Graphic Designer and Interior Decorator has over 14 years of experience, working on local and international design concepts and creations for a diverse range and scale of projects combined with a Psychology degree, a Graphic Design diploma, and an Interior Decorating certificate. Proficient in designing innovative pieces by harnessing multiple design techniques and printing processes. Proven ability to manage projects from concept to final production, accurately capturing and conveying the message using digital and traditional mediums to create:

  • effective consumer campaigns
  • trusted, vibrant, and progressive corporate branding
  • unique and intricate kitfolders and packaging
  • dynamic and visually appealing websites, GUIs, and e-marketing
  • formal high-security documents used globally

Expert knowledge of pre-press and print production with a comprehensive understanding of typography, layout and colour theory. Unique ability to design in 2-D and 3-D with ease. Managed multiple projects simultaneously for clients that include respected corporations, local and international governments, and national security organizations.

An excellent team player with superior design sensibility and a good appreciation for the distinction between creative expression and commercial reality. Skilled in communicating creative ideas and strategies to all project stakeholders and leading multidisciplinary teams while proactively managing the success of production scope, schedules, and budgets. Able to think creatively against demanding deadlines with acute attention to detail; eager to collaborate with other creative people driven by a genuine passion for design.